Jeff Lee

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MP3s on this site are mostly covers with the exception of 3.   These are just demos that were just thrown on this site. 

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Mr. PC   
  John Coltrane Song we put our own twist on.

  EMaj.9#11 is the first chord hence the Title
Balloon Knot  The Title Speaks For It's Self

Havona  By Weather Report  Written by Jaco Pastorius

So What  Pseudo Version On Miles

Trac 4 06 06 06 trac4.mp3 Another Original Called "Trac 4"  It will be track 7 on the CD.  Few blunders on this take.

Impromptu Jam We'd warm up with a improv jam.  I hit record and out came 25 minutes of what ever

Bill's Bounce Bird's Billy's Bounce

Impromptu Jam II 2/Wacka Wacka Jam.mp3 I just record again and this is what came out.

Mr. PC.    alt take                                                                                                                                                                                                           Here's my attempt at re-arranging a Coltrane Tune